2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

April 27, 2023, 10:00 AM Eastern Time

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Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement

Shareholders as of the record date may attend, vote and submit questions virtually at our Annual Meeting by logging in at www.proxyvote.com/JNJ. To log in, shareholders (or their authorized representatives) will need the 16-digit control number provided on your notice, on your proxy card or in the voting instructions that accompanied your proxy materials. On the day of the meeting shareholders should log into the virtual meeting url: www.virtualshareholdermeeting.com/JNJ2023

2023 Proxy Statement

2023 Proxy Statement and Additional Definitive Proxy Solicitation Materials

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2022 Annual Report

2022 was a year of achievement and evolution for Johnson & Johnson.

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Meeting Agenda

Annual Shareholders Meeting Agenda


Rules of Order & FAQ’s

Rules of Order for Conduct

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Messages From Our Leaders

Hear From Our Chairman Joaquin Duato

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Hear from Our Lead Director Anne M. Mulcahy

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Our Director Nominees

Director Highlights

Multidisciplinary Skills - 12 Directors Nominees
Academia / Government Leadership or senior advisory position in government or with an academic institution
(either in an administrative or faculty role)
7 Directors
Digital Experience or expertise in the use and deployment of digital technologies to facilitate business objective, including cybersecurity and data privacy 5 Directors
Executive Leadership Senior management position, including as chief executive office, at a large publicly-traded or private company, or other large complex organization (such as government, academic or not-for-profit) 11 Directors
Financial Significant experience in positions requiring financial knowledge and analysis, including in accounting, corporate finance, treasury functions and risk management from a financial perspective 8 Directors
Healthcare Industry Management-level experience in an industry involving healthcare products or services 7 Directors
International Business / Strategy Leadership position in an organization that operates internationally, especially on a broad basis and/or in the geographic regions in which the company operates 8 Directors
Marketing / Sales Strategic or management experience involving the marketing and branding of products, including for retail markets 6 Directors
Regulatory Work experience within a government-regulated or in a heavily regulated industry 8 Directors
Science / Technology Advanced scientific or technological degree and related work experience in a scientific or technological field 8 Directors

Range of Tenure

5 years is the average tenure on the board

Diverse Backgrounds

58% are from diverse backgrounds. 7 out of 12 director nominees are from diverse backgrounds

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Questions? Please contact us:
1-800-950-5089 investor-relations@its.jnj.com