Political Contributions

As a large multinational company, Johnson & Johnson works with providers, patient groups, governments, and other stakeholders worldwide to ensure that patients have access to affordable, safe, quality health care in systems that recognize and value medical innovation, and we may support others seeking the same. Stakeholders have an interest in knowing what positions we take, as well as whom we may support.

Our Government Affairs Philosophy and Priorities

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that it is important to encourage the development of sound public policy, worldwide. With good policy, we can better serve doctors, nurses, patients and consumers, as well as our employees and our communities around the globe. We strive to provide leadership in advancing a world in which all people have access to affordable, innovative, and sustainable solutions for healthy living. This philosophy drives how we determine our global and U.S. policy goals.

We support:

  • Compassionate and fair health policy
  • Innovation that improves the standard of care
  • High-quality, affordable health care delivered safely and effectively
  • Sustainable growth and environmental protection
  • Free-market economic principles

Informed decision making by patients and consumers about their health and well-being

Our 2019 strategic imperatives align with our vision and guide how we prioritize our government affairs activities

We support:

  • Timely market access for our products and health care systems that enable patient access to innovative and high quality care
  • Regulatory policies that support innovation, market access and growth
  • Legislation that provides incentives for innovation and enables sustainable business growth
  • Public health policies as well as sustainable partnerships and innovative programs to enhance public health

For a list of our 2019 issue priorities for U.S. Government Affairs & Policy activities, click here.

Our Participation with Trade and Policy Development Organizations

Johnson & Johnson is committed to supporting the development of sound public policy in health care. We work with many organizations across the political spectrum on a variety of policy issues related to health and other topics that impact patients, consumers, and our company. In the U.S. and elsewhere, this means engaging with stakeholders, policy experts, and others to develop well-considered policies that reflect diverse perspectives.

We are a member of trade associations that advocate for our industry and market-based health solutions, and we provide financial support to several policy development organizations and think tanks whose purpose is to develop policy position papers or model legislation, among other civic activities. We acknowledge that we may not align with or support every public position each of these broad-based groups takes. However, when we do disagree with a position, we have a range of approaches we can employ to respond, and we believe that our dissenting voice has greater impact as a member of these organizations. We take input from our stakeholders and determine how best to express our views to an organization– from simply declining to participate in certain initiatives sponsored by the organization, to partnering with other members to amplify our viewpoint both within the organization and externally, to reaching out directly to the organization’s leadership to examine a possible change in position.

Johnson & Johnson does not currently make direct expenditures towards U.S. federal grassroots lobbying communication to the general public.

Click here for a list of U.S. trade associations to which one or more members of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies paid dues of $50,000 or more in 2018.

Our Political Action Committee and Corporate Political Contributions

One aspect of advancing sound public policy in the U.S. is supporting those women and men who serve the public by seeking elected office. Consistent with U.S. Federal and state laws, Johnson & Johnson has established the Johnson & Johnson Political Action Committee (J&JPAC), funded solely through employee contributions and with limited administrative support from Johnson & Johnson. J&JPAC offers eligible U.S. employees a direct means to voluntarily participate in shaping sound public policy and voicing views on issues related to our businesses. You can view the latest J&J PAC federal campaign finance report here.

In certain states where it is permitted, Johnson & Johnson makes corporate contributions to support state election campaigns, state party committees, and state ballot measures. Johnson & Johnson operates in accordance with all relevant laws. In addition, Johnson & Johnson does not make direct independent expenditures. Johnson & Johnson U.S. Government Affairs and Policy occasionally supports organizations that are organized under section 501(c)(4) of the IRC. A list of these organizations supported in 2018 can be found here.

We do not expect candidates who receive contributions from our employee political action committee or our company to agree at all times with our positions on policy issues.

Rather, we seek to support candidates who recognize the importance of medical innovation in improving lives and that a fair, market-based system provides the best environment for continued innovation. We also seek to support candidates who recognize the importance of broad access to quality, affordable health care.

When selecting candidates for funding, priority is given to candidates' views on issues that concern the businesses of Johnson & Johnson and also the impact of candidates' views on our employees or facilities in a candidates' state or district. Our contributions are intended to promote the interests of the company and the patients and customers we serve, and are made without regard to the private political preferences of company officers and executives.

In order to receive contributions, a candidate must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have a voting record or philosophy that is aligned with the interests of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, as well as the patients and customers that we serve.
  • Represent a district where there is a Johnson & Johnson facility.
  • Be a member of a standing committee relevant to the interests of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, as well as the patients and customers that we serve.

In the interest of transparency for our shareholders and other stakeholders, we make available lists of all PAC and corporate political and ballot measure contributions. As of 2012, all political contributions are updated semi-annually and archived on this website. The current report, which covers January 1 – December 31, 2018 can be found here: 2018 Political Contributions. Contributions are aggregated to reflect the totals per election for the specified disclosure period. Federal candidates can receive up to $5,000 in PAC contributions per election. State contribution limits vary.

2017 Political Contributions
2016 Political Contributions
2015 Political Contributions
2014 Political Contributions
2013 Political Contributions
2012 Political Contributions
2011 Political Contributions
2010 Political Contributions

In 2018, Johnson & Johnson reported $4,580,000 in federal lobbying expenses and $1,427,588.67 in state lobbying expenses.

Our latest federal lobbyist disclosure filings as of December 2018 are also found on the U.S. Senate Lobbying Disclosure Act Reports webpage.

Outside the U.S., we make political contributions only in Australia, Canada and Japan. These contributions are tracked at the local level.

Governance and Oversight of Government Affairs Activities

Johnson & Johnson policies and positions are developed in coordination with corporate and operating company leaders through thorough analysis and discussion. General oversight is provided by the Regulatory, Compliance & Government Affairs Committee of the Johnson & Johnson Board of Directors.

An advisory committee comprising employees who are J&JPAC participants and who represent U.S. domestic operating companies assists the company's Government Affairs & Policy department in selecting candidates, committees, and state ballot measures to support. Members of senior management approve all J&JPAC and U.S. corporate political contributions. The Vice Presidents of Federal and State Government Affairs and the Vice President of Worldwide Government Affairs have final approval authority for all U.S. political contributions.

As part of its oversight role in government affairs and policy, the Regulatory, Compliance & Government Affairs Committee of the Johnson & Johnson Board of Directors annually reviews a report of the Company's political contribution and lobbying policies, practices, and activities, including the annual dues to trade associations of $50,000 or more, where a percentage of the annual dues may be used for federal lobbying.

All political contributions must be made and reported in accordance with applicable federal, state and local campaign finance laws. To ensure compliance, outside ethics and legal counsel reviews each political contribution made from both the J&JPAC and U.S. corporate funds, as well as all U.S. political contribution filings and reports. J&JPAC and U.S. corporate political spending is also subject to internal audit biennially. Finally, Johnson & Johnson has a Code of Business Conduct that prohibits employees from using corporate funds, or for political purposes unless approved by the appropriate member of senior management.

Questions about U.S. contributions should be directed to: Treasurer, Johnson & Johnson Political Action Committee, One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ 08933.

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